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Winter Gardening

Just Can’t Get Enough Gardening in the Summer?
There’s Lots You Can Do in the Winter!

Wintertime brings several challenges to gardeners. But, there’s still plenty you can do when the cold north wind blows and the snow flies.

If you want a full-fledged garden during the winter months, you’ll need to consider cold framing, using a greenhouse or hotbeds. On a smaller scale, however, you can garden indoors by gardening in containers and employing the same principles as outdoor container gardening. Instead of natural sunlight, since it’s in limited supply in the wintertime, you’ll need to use grow lights. These are readily available at your local garden center or discount store.

Wintertime is also the perfect time to set up an indoor pond or fountain. Choose a corner of the house that needs a little dressing up and add a water feature. You’ll be amazed at what this can do to stave off the winter blues. Place a few containerized plants around and you’ve got the makings of a mini water garden! If you have garden fountains, make sure they are dried out to protect the pump and keep them from cracking during freezing weather.

When the seed catalogs arrive, it’s a great time to do your ‘dream gardening’. Grab the catalogs, a stack of paper, a pencil, a cup of tea, and plan and plot what you’ll want to do come spring. You can do this whether it be containers, in-ground, or both.

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Not long after those seed catalogs arrive, you can even start your seeds indoors so they’ll be ready to plant when the weather warms.

So, there’s no need to fret, you’ll have plenty of work to do on your garden - even in the wintertime!