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Meditation Topiary

Art in the Garden: The Beautiful Garden Art of Meditation Topiary

Topiary is the art, if you will, of training and sculpting plants, evergreens, vines, and trees into decorative features. Topiary can be done both in large-scale as well as smaller, table-top varieties. It takes a lot of work, tending and patience, but the results are well worth the effort. Use topiary to create a meditation garden. While meditating, environment is crucial. Learning to meditate for beginners is much easier in a garden environment.

Even the most beautiful in-ground garden, container garden, or patio area can be dressed up with topiary. Topiary is so versatile, you can even grow it and use it indoors.

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All topiary begins with the use of a topiary form. Larger versions, for outdoor use, are typically made of mesh or wire. Smaller indoor versions also use mesh, wire, and may incorporate sphagnum moss and/or foam forms. If you want to be really creative, dig up some plans to make our own topiary form.

There is almost no limit to which plants can be used to create a topiary. The most popular are ivy, bay tree, holly, creeping fig, and yew.

A great way to dress up a garden or patio area and even keep those winter blues at bay, with a little patience, meditating among the topiary can become an exciting hobby.