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Ponds and Fountains

Just Add Water: Including Ponds and Fountains in your Garden

ponds and fountains graphicIn addition to helping attract birds, adding a pond or fountain to your garden increases the beauty and interest in the entire scene. Fountains and ponds can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Several pond varieties are available. Choose from those that need to be dug into the ground or a freestanding-type with a natural stone look. Your local garden center should have lots of good suggestions. You might even try a simple internet search to see what on-line retailers are offering.

Just like ponds, fountains come in all shapes and sizes imaginable! Again, check your garden center or the internet for some great ideas.

If you’re up for it, try combining a pond with a small stream which will add even more interest! And, don’t forget to dress your pond or fountain up a bit. They can be fun places for water plants, Koi, or goldfish to call home.

Things to keep in mind when selecting your fountains or pond:
• How much space do you have to fill?
• How much work do you want to do to install the pond or fountain?
• Will you be able to easily access it for refilling?
• Where will you put it?
• What look do you want?
• Do you want stone, concrete, fiberglass, or plastic?
Wall Fountains can be a good choice for design and saving space
• Do you want stone, concrete, fiberglass fountains, or plastic?

What better way to spend a deliciously lazy Sunday afternoon than in your favorite lawn chair, with your favorite book in hand, reading as the soothing sound of trickling water lingers nearby?