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Organic Gardening

Notice: No Chemicals Allowed: The Particulars on Organic Gardening

What is organic gardening, exactly? Simply put, organic gardeners do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their gardens. But, just like the roots in your garden, it goes deeper than that. Organic gardening also follows the belief that your plants are part of a whole system of Nature. It starts in the soil, extends to the water supply, people, wildlife, and insects. Organic gardeners try to work harmoniously within the systems of Nature. They also try to minimize and replenish resources that the garden itself consumes.

How in the garden do you do that? - The Basics

organic gardening• Regularly add organic matter to the soil. This can be manure, compost, lawn clippings, etc.
• Choose plants suited to your climate and growing conditions. This minimizes the need for synthetic fertilizers.
• Use homemade pest control methods. Several recipes are available for insect control, and there are many natural remedies to keep out the furry pests.

The gist of organic gardening is creating and maintaining a healthful and thriving garden without the use of chemicals and poisons. It’s forming and maintaining a natural balance which ensures the health of the plants, the soil, and the surroundings.

It may sound difficult to sustain this balance, but it really is very easy. After all, the pioneers didn’t have synthetics and they grew some of the most amazing crops!