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Kids Gardening

Let ‘em Get Dirty!
Involving Your Kids in Gardening

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With busy schedules and everyone rushing in different directions these days, most of us long for more family time. Why not involve the kids in your gardening efforts? Most kids love to get a little dirty (especially if you tell them it’s okay) and they’re likely to get just as much gratification out of watching your garden grow as you do.

Tips for Kids Gardening:
• Ask them to help you choose the containers you’ll use. Better yet, give them some containers of their own!
• Have them pick out a few easy-to-grow plants like beans, zinnias, sunflowers, sweet william, or pumpkins.
• Let them dig in the dirt with you when you’re ready to plant.
• As you work together, explain what you’re doing and why. Let them ask questions. Even research the answers together if you need to.
• Ask them to help water the garden on a daily basis. Again, kids love water and it can be especially fun and so grown-up-like to help with the watering!
• As your kids gardening garden grows, ask your child what he or she notices happening to the plants you’ve planted together.

Involving your child in your gardening is not only a great way to spend more time together, it’s a chance to learn more about each other. The added bonus is, your child will learn how plants grow and what they need. What better way to spend time together than in the peace and quiet of your garden than "Kids Gardening"? Also, visit Gardening With Kids for more info.