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Container Gardening

Getting Started with Container Gardening

Gardening with containers can add a whole new life to an existing garden. Place containers with your favorite plants in various locations and groupings around your garden. Or, create a garden which consists solely of containers! Containers also:

Solve the issue of limited spacecontainer gardening graphic
• Are easy to install if you have a lack of ground to dig in the case of apartment dwellers
• Offer easy accessibility
• Allow you to move your garden around
• Keep your ‘most-used’ herbs and vegetables at your finger tips
• Help keep costs down since you don’t need to purchase as much as a large garden
• Save time weeding

If you’re thinking about gardening with containers, keep the following in mind:

1) Determine how much space you have available.
2) Determine what types of plants you want to grow.
3) Select your containers accordingly.
4) Choose your soil mixture.
5) Take into account the availability of sunlight and shade.
6) Shop around for just the right plants, soils, and containers, at just the right price.

Container gardening is so easy to get into and so easy to manage. And, it’s likely to be one of the most enjoyable gardening experiences you’ll have. Get as creative or stay as simple as you’d like. Choose fancy containers or plain containers, try mixing different plants together, rearrange your containers for a different look now and again. As long as you follow some basic ‘rules’ the sky’s the limit!