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Attracting Birds and Butterflies

Every Garden Needs Flying Flowers! Attracting Birds and Butterflies to your Garden

Perhaps just as beautiful as the rooted flowers in your garden, birds and butterflies can add a whole new dimension to the entire scene. And, attracting them is really quite simple.

Bringing in the birds:
• Set up feeding stations around the garden and/or yard
• Provide water. Trickling or dripping water is best, but shallow dishes work well too.
• Give them a place to hide. Just place your feeding stations near trees or a trellis.
• Keep their water supply fresh
• For humming birds, purchase a special humming bird feeder and fill it with a mixture of one part sugar to six parts water.

Bringing in the butterflies:
• Milkweed plants (believe it or not) are a great way to attract butterflies
• Beebalm is also a favorite among these beauties
• Special butterfly feeders are also available from the garden center. Fill these with one part sugar to four parts water.

To bring in the birds and butterflies, you need to offer food, water, and a place to hide. Easy as that! The food and water are perhaps the easiest to provide, but the hiding place can be easy too. Birds, especially, like to have a place nearby where they can flit off to when danger approaches. This can be trees or even a trellis. They’ll also use these places as a stop-off point to inspect their feeding area before they approach. That doesn’t mean you need to plant a bunch of trees, simply survey your area and place feeding stations within about 50 feet or so of such areas.

Birds are also attracted to water since it can be difficult for them to find in the wild. Again, you don’t need anything fancy, a clay or terra cotta plant base filled with water is good. Just provide them with a shallow dish that won’t tip or spill when they land on the edge. The sound of trickling or dripping water draws them in even better. If you can provide them with small fountains, you should have lots of birds just waiting to dip their little beaks in!

Following these few, simple tips should have you enjoying not only the rooted flowers in your garden, but the flying ones around your garden. Don't go low quality when you buy bird houses and bird feeders. The quality difference is more than just human eye candy. Proper birdhouses give our feathered friends a good habitat.